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Things To Do In College That Will Prepare You For The Music Industry


Hello and welcome to the beginning of a new week that is guaranteed to leave you more informed than it began. We have packed the coming days with content on everything from the importance of college, to the life of music’s biggest publicists, a continuation of our music photography efforts, and a blogger spotlight highlighting someone making a big impression in the blogging  world through video. If you have any questions regarding the content of this blog, or if you would like to learn more information about the services offered by Haulix, please email and share your thoughts. We can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.


If you follow our ongoing Spotlight series you will have no doubt noticed a discrepancy between various professionals on the necessity of a college education when attempting to enter the music industry. It is absolutely true that there are many professionals working today who have never stepped foot on a college campus, but there is also a very large segment of the industry that has, and whether or not it’s right for you will depend on a number of factors. Not every job requires a college education, but there are times when having the extra knowledge gained from such experiences can give you a leg up against the competition. At the same time, those who enter the industry at a young age and stick with it tend to excel faster than those who only begin to find their footing while in school. 

We can (and in the future, will) go back and forth on the topic of college and its importance for your desired career, but this post is intended for those either attending or planning to attend college while pursuing full time employment within the music industry. Higher education may not offer the hands-on learning experience others gain by touring or otherwise entering the industry work force for at a young age, but it does offer several unique opportunities to practice and prepare for entry into the industry that Highlight Magazine editor Jenn Stookey has volunteered to discuss with us today.   

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